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Are you getting out there?

It’s been a busy month of networking.  My goal is to continue to make new connections, source new deals, and get you into passive investments.

-A team and I put together an out-of-state multifamily investing conference in Long Beach where I made some great connections for future deals.
-I met with new partners face to face and on the phone, filling up multiple notebooks worth of notes and thoughts.
-I was a guest speaker last night at a meetup in Downtown LA about multifamily investing.
-I’m boarding a flight this afternoon to attend another conference in Denver, to both connect with new investors and connect with other apartment operators.  *Flying in early (the conference is tomorrow) to make it to a networking mixer this evening.
-Flights booked to visit 2 new markets in the coming weeks…

But why do I all this?

So you don’t have to!

I dedicated myself to mastering this investing space, and to me, connecting with real people doing real deals with real-life experience is the best place to learn.  Of course, there are books and podcasts, which I’ve read and listened to hundreds, but you can’t pick up the phone and call a podcast for suggestions.  You can’t pick up the phone and call a book to partner on a deal.

I continually expand my network, continually improve my skills, continually do better and better deals, and help out as many people as I can along the way.  And I’m grateful that you’re here sharing in all of that.
Any time you want to get out to an event, let me know and I’m happy to share what I’m up to next and we can go together.  Or any time you have questions, I’m more than happy to connect (preferably over tacos) and continue your education.  In the meantime, enjoy the passive income, while I do the work 🙂

Ok, off to the airport!

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