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Finding Your Team

One question I often receive is “How do you find the people you work with, and how do you trust them in business?”

In my thirst for knowledge and mastery of real estate, I spend a lot of my time both strategically networking and casually getting to know people.  I also spend a lot of time listening to podcasts, reading books, and listening to audiobooks.

I have never been someone who is afraid to reach out and talk to people in high up positions, so I simply pick up the phone and call hosts of podcasts.  I call big players in this industry that I hear being interviewedon podcasts.  I call authors of seminal books.  I call VP’s of large companies.

During those conversations I stay humble, I learn, but most of all, I build up a rapport and develop friendships.

This has served me well and helped me connect with people that do big things, and do good work.  If I think someone will be a good partner in real estate, I’ll cross-reference them with other people I’ve met along the way and try to get a sense of their clout and trustworthiness.  I’ll try to get an opinion on their current business dealings: Are they conservative or aggressive?  Do we have complementary ideologies?  Can I add to their business and vice versa?

I also feel them out over phone calls and coffee.  I’ve gotten on a plane and flown across the country more than once.  I try to get to know them on a personal level beyond just business.  (Would it surprise you in the least that this has happened multiple times over bbq and tacos?)

At the end of the day, it still takes trust and faith in another individual or another team of individuals, which is why I simply do my best and then take action.  I invest in deals and I learn with my money at stake.  This is a people business, built with teams of hard-working and smart people, and I’m proud of who I’ve connected with thus far, and the people I continue to connect with today.

How about you?  Have you connected with anyone lately that you are proud of and eager to do business with?  Do they motivate you and push you to take action to change your life?  I hope so!

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