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I got paid to go to Hawaii!

I got back from Hawaii, and these
checks were sitting on my kitchen table.

I was hesitant to write this blog because I don’t want to come off as bragging or obnoxious, but I felt like most of you know where my heart is, and I felt it was worth it to show everyone real, tangible proof that you can change your life.

In my ‘day job’ as a freelance television editor and producer, if I don’t work, I don’t get paid.  I don’t have ‘paid time off’ or ‘paid sick leave’ or anything like that.  So when I used to go to Hawaii with my family, I would generally losemoney because I simply wasn’t working.

But that’s not the case for me anymore.  

My real estate investments literally pay me no matter what I’m doing.  So, while I played with Makai on the beach in Maui this past month, while I spent time with my wife over sunset dinners, literally even while I slept in our hotel, my tenants paid their rent, and these checks arrived at my doorstep.  (And these checks are just from some of my properties!)

My point in all this is not to show off what I’ve built (or my glowing Maui tan), but to show you that you can do this too!  You don’t have to rely solely on your day job as your only source of income.  When you invest passively in real estate, and tenants pay their rent, you can get paid too! Every month, every quarter, like clockwork.

What I do, is all the heavy lifting to buy these properties and get them up and running, so you get to invest passively and enjoy these checks alongside me.  My current investors already know this feeling, as they go to work at their day jobs, as they hang out with their families, as they take their vacations, and their checks show up as well.  They have added steams of income to their lives and it’s making a difference now (not ‘someday’)!

If passive income like this is something that appeals to you, reach out and let me know that you’re looking to get involved.  The market is tough right now, but deals are out there and I should have another investment opportunity for you soon.

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