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Top 5 questions I get about Real Estate Investing: #2

#2 “Where do you get all this extra money to invest in multi-million dollar properties?”

“Having millions in the bank is not a prerequisite for investing in multifamily real estate.”

 What, you don’t have $15M laying around to buy an apartment complex?  Shocker, but neither do I.  Even though my wife and I bring in healthy incomes, we haven’t quite gotten to that mega-millionaire status…

Fortunately for you and I, having millions in the bank is not a prerequisite for investing in multifamily real estate.   For probably less than you think, you could be a partial owner of a multi-million dollar property, with the potential to earn 15-20% annually on your money.

How does this work?  Let me introduce you to an industry term: apartment syndication.

In its simplest form, a syndication is a group of passive investors who buy a property together under the leadership of an active and experienced partner who does all of the hard work (finding the deal, putting together a plan of action, putting professional management in place, distributing returns, etc.).

I have been fortunate enough to be one of these investors in great properties, and now I’m excited to help my friends do the same.  Whether you are looking to invest now or sometime in the future, I’ll do my best to connect you with the right properties for your goals.  If you are eager to get involved right awaycontact me.  I have a deal that is open right now for a limited number of investors.

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