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Top 5 questions I get about Real Estate Investing – #1

“How Did You Get Started In All Of This?”

I solidified my career in “Hollywood” with the potential to make a comfortable salary as a freelance TV Editor.  But I wanted more. I always felt like my money should be working harder for me than I do it.  So I invested in all things Wall Street.  How about you?  Ever felt the same?

Then about 4 years ago when my wife got pregnant with our son, I decided to finally jump into real estate investing.  I’d owned property before, but now I wanted to focus on investments: properties that would put money IN my pocket.  Now, coming from my creative background, the terminology, numbers, loans, and analytics were quite overwhelming.  So I began learning. Every. Single. Day. I emphasized ‘slow and steady.’  This was not going to be an overnight success.  Every morning and evening commute I listened to books, or podcasts, or got on the phone with brokers, lenders, and mentors in the industry (and this is still my daily routine).  I realize many people don’t have the time for this level of study, so I’m happy to share my knowledge with you so you can reap the benefits as well.

For the first year or two, I mainly focused my education on single-family homes and even built two in Memphis (pictured above).  But the more I learned, the more I realized that the bigger money is in multifamily properties, so I shifted gears and began investing (more on this in a future post).

It has now been roughly 4 years of extreme focus, and it shows. I know what I’m talking about, I connect with real players both large and small, and I work extremely hard at it. I spend many of my lunches on the phone with new contacts or nourishing my relationships with existing ones.  My commutes are still spent educating myself or on networking calls.  Once my wife goes to bed, I get back online or in a book. I analyze properties and markets, I read reports and set up my next day.  I often have real estate meetings before work, and many of my weekends are spent at a morning coffee, forming new partnerships.  I have flown to other markets and met contacts face to face.  Once there I’ll have my meetings, then simply get in my car and drive to get to know the market firsthand.

It has become a healthy obsession, one I know will ultimately set up my family for a life of affluence and wealth, not just financially, but in freedom to do what we want, when we want.   I have many goals to achieve and am certain that I’m at a place where I can now attack those goals with plans and knowledge, rather than simple flailing optimism.  And finally, I have transitioned my thinking from ‘make money’ to ‘help others make money as well,’ and this is where you come in.  It has been a thrill, and I can’t wait to get you involved in future opportunities and begin your story.

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