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We closed on a 3 property portfolio in Jacksonville, FL


Typically, in real estate, you can only invest in 1 property at a time.  It is rare that you are able to take your one chunk of money and get an ownership share in 3 properties.

That’s what makes this 3-property portfolio acquisition so exciting to share!

  • Property Management – Since we now own all 3 assets in close proximity to each other, we will share property management, cutting costs and becoming more efficient with our time and systems.
  • Construction Costs – We will be heavily renovating many units in the first 2 years, and we will benefit by sharing construction costs, buying in bulk, and hiring construction teams that can work on multiple projects at once.
  • Risk mitigation – In the event that one property has a hiccup along the way, there are 2 others to pick up the slack and offer support.
  • Better purchase price – By buying 3 properties, we were able to negotiate a better purchase price compared to what is trading in the market.
  • Exit Strategies – By putting each property under its own separate loan, we have the flexibility to maximize our returns in the best way we see fit at the time (sell or refinance as a portfolio, sell or refinance individually, or any strategic combination).

Villas At Cedar Creek – 118 Units

Kings Tree Apartments – 64 Units

Park Place Apartments – 70 Units

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