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What was the last BIG decision you made?

If you’re anything like me, you make lots of decisions every day, but very few of them are ‘BIG’ or ‘IMPACTFUL’ decisions.  Think about it: You decide to eat cereal with your kids instead of making eggs…to get drive-through Starbucks because it’s better than that office coffee… to switch your cell phone provider to save $15/month and get slightly better service…

Most of those decisions take very little effort, and none of those decisions are changing your life.   

I want you to take 30 seconds right now, and think about it… when was the last time you made a big decision that would change your life?  I mean really CHANGE your life?

What’d you come up with?

Deciding to marry your spouse? Have kids? Buy a house? Your career path? Your car? Those are all big, stress-inducing decisions.  Congratulations on committing and making those decisions as well, that’s not easy!


What about the decision to become financially free?

Financial freedom is not something that comes by accident or by hoping it will come.  You have to DECIDE to pursue money-producing investments.  You have to DECIDE that your family will be safe if something happens to your job.  You have to DECIDE that it is worth your time to get educated and take action.

You probably know where I stand, that I value investment real estate that produces streams of cash over stock market investments that create piles of cash.   The reality is, there are many ways to financial freedom. But every single one of them starts with a decision to change your life, to change your spending habits, to invest your hard-earned money rather than spend it, to read different books, to have different conversations…

There’s that cliche question ‘if you change nothing in your life, where will you be in 5 years?’ but it is a good question in this instance.  You will have to make some BIG decisions in order to change your life circumstances.

If cash flowing real estate is something you’d be interested in, shoot me an email, schedule a call. Let’s go over your questions and help you make your next BIG decision!

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