Be an apartment investor, not a landlord.


What We Do

At Amity Cash Flow we buy apartments together.

Investors like you get to be passive owners and receive your share of the profits.

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How It Works

Hero Windsor Apartments

Rents come in and expenses go out (management, maintenance, commercial mortgage, etc).

The remaining profits are split among the owners (that includes you).


In A Nutshell

We do all the work and passive investors get checks in the mail.

You get to have pride-of-ownership while you enjoy your personal time in peace.

*And as co-owners, you get great tax benefits!



Featured Properties

The Allure

268 Units
San Antonio, TX

Villas at Cedar Creek

118 Units
Jacksonville, FL

Park Place

70 Units
Jacksonville, FL

Kings Tree

64 Units
Jacksonville, FL

The Lila

253 Units
San Antonio, TX

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Amity Cash Flow


LIFESTYLE "Just wanted to send a quick message and say thank you. It was a pleasure to invest with you who I always knew I could ask anything and you would be honest. And can’t complain about those returns! Before multifamily, my money was sitting in an online savings account not even keeping up with inflation. Looking forward to seeing some more deals soon…"
Darin L.
Orlando, FL
TAX SAVINGS “I invested in a deal with Amity Cash Flow in Nov 2019. It was the end of the year so I did not expect any returns from it yet. The sponsor sent me the K-1 and it reduced my 2019 tax payment amount. The tax savings equaled to 10% of my investment with Chris, so I got a 10% ROI in that first month! I am glad I have this real estate investment to offset my equities!”
David H.
Los Angeles, CA
PASSIVE INCOME “I’ve been investing with Amity Cash Flow since 2018 and am on my 5th investment so far. The communication has been clear and consistent, and I know what’s going on with my investments at all times. The passive income checks have become key to reaching my financial goals.”
Jen R.
Los Angeles, CA

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